Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Final Countdown.....

Well, this is our last week living in Boise, and I have a lot of mixed emotions about it. Mainly these emotions have to do with the fact that Jeff has been out of town for the past 10 days for work {he was home for a day and a half in there...} which has left me to pack and clean our townhouse by myself. And let me tell you.... this is a much different experience than packing up my little room in my Rexburg apartment. I don't know how we have accumulated so much stuff!  Naturally, all of this has also left me in charge of finding a place for us to live! This has proven to be the biggest challenge thus far. In fact, we move in 4 days and still have not found a place to live! You would think between the 3 towns all right there close together (Burley, Rupert, and Heyburn) we would be able to find somewhere! But alas~ we have not.
With all of this craziness going on, I haven't even had a chance to think about leaving Boise indefinitely. I've grown so close to my family this summer, having spent time at their house almost every single day for the past 2 months. They are going to be the hardest part of leaving Boise. But honestly, I haven't thought about it all~ yet. I'm so focused on packing, cleaning, moving, and finding a place to live that I'm not feeling sad~ yet. It'll be interesting to see what my feelings are in about 2 weeks from now.
Stay tuned for that pleasant post :)

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