Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the merry merry month of May!

Alright, finally updating! May was a very busy month for the Rencher family! We started out the month with my little sister Abby's final Spring Show for the Centennial High School Sweet Liberty dance team. (Following in her older sister's footsteps- tear! :) They performed all of their numbers from this year, plus a few traditional Spring Show "extras". There's the "Dancin' Dudes" dance, where each dancer picks a guy from school to be their Dancing Dude, and the team makes up a dance where all of the dancers and their "dudes" dance together! Always hilarious, always awesome! And then there's the infamous "Parents Dance" (pretty self-explanatory; the parents perform a dance, which is usually bits and pieces of each of the  numbers competed throughout the year. Again, always hilarious and always awesome!) Since my dad missed the first practice for the Parent Dance, one of the other dad's, who is a good family friend and the team captain's dad, decided to make my parents front and center! I don't know that I've ever laughed so hard in my life!

A couple weekends later, we went to........

This was a very long-awaited day, since we've had tickets since LAST May! Jeff's mom Connie, her friend Lana Hill, and my sis-and-bro-in-law Mark and Jaylynn all came down from Twin Falls to see it, and it certainly didn't disappoint! It was TOTALLY WICKED!! :) Jeff was humming songs from it for the next 2 days! ("No one mourns the WICKED!!")

Here's a pic of the stage

Alright moving on.... Jeff had his interviews with Edward Jones Investments over the past couple of weeks, and as part of his final interview he had to go knock doors and get 30 people to complete a short survey that E.J. gave him. This is Jeff on one of the evenings that he went out, and he was practicing his speech for me. He looks so grown up in his suit :)

He's finished all of his interviews, and now we're just waiting to hear back from them! We should be hearing back this week, so I'm sure you'll see a celebratory blog post when he gets the job :)

And now for the BEST part of the month.....

Yes, it was my birthday. And out of all 23 of them, this one quite possibly has been the best one yet! After marrying into the Rencher family I was introduced to something called "Birthweek", which means that from the Sunday before your birthday to the following Sunday you get to do as many fun things as you want, have as many parties as you want, get spoiled a lot, and get a lot of birthday love! And boy did I take full advantage of my birthweek this year! I had 7 days filled with all the things I love most!
Sunday, we had dinner with my family and played games. 
Monday, Jeff and I went out to dinner. 
Tuesday, I went birthday shopping, we got Wingers to go and watched the Biggest Loser Finale (GOOOO OLIVIA!!). I also got the news that my best friend, Maurie, and her boyfriend Keith got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO SO SO SOOOOOO excited for them, and can't WAIT to see them on their big day!!!! 
Wednesday, (actual birthday) Jeff and I went to lunch and he brought a giant bouquet of pretty flowers! Then I went and had second lunch with my grandma Bakes, aunt Colleen, aunt Rachel, mom, and my cousin Drew. Then I went to fro-yo with my mom and two sisters. Then I went birthday shopping (again)! Then Jeff took me to a fondue restaurant in Nampa called The Mona Lisa- very romantic and very yummy! Then we went back to my parents house because someone was coming to look at Scarlet (Jeff's motorcycle) and we sold it!! Badabing!! That was a nice little $3000 to put in the bank. Then we went back to our house and I opened my surprise presents from Jeff- a new iCarPlay FM transmitter for my iPod,  a bunch of bath and body works stuff, and a new towel-robe! (I didn't make him wrap all of the things I had bought for myself the past 2 days ;)

Thursday, we went to see the new Kung Fu Panda 2 movie in 3D!! It was awesome!! For any of you thinking about seeing it, I recommend going! Although not quite as amazing as the first one, it definitely had both of us laughing throughout the whole movie!

Friday, I rode with my parents, brother, sister and her friend Victoria down to Twin Falls for my sister Alyse's state soccer tournament. We left in the afternoon and watched her first game that started at 5. A storm blew through right after the game started and lasted until right when the game ended. Crazy wind, torrential rain and COLD!! They tied 0-0. Jeff got off work early and came down at around 6 and we all went out to eat at Jaker's. We all stayed the night at Mark and Jaylynn's house and played air-hockey until pretty late that night. 
Alyse, Lucas and I taking funny pics in the car ride to Twin

Saturday morning, Jeff and I drove to Pine to join the rest of the Rencher family up at the cabin! It was quite a rip-roaring weekend with the whole Rencher clan up there. We got to see Jeff's brother Scott and his wife and daughter Oksana and Uliana who live in Portland!! They made the drive over to spend the long weekend with the family! We all did a lot of fun stuff! We played a lot of games, ate a lot of great food, watched a lot of movies, went on hikes, rode the ATV's, and went to a hot springs on Sunday night! I even got sang to, and Connie made me my favorite dessert:

Yummy fruit trifle!!!!

Pictures from our hike!!
Jeff, Katie, Brady, Jaylynn, MiRon, Oksana, Chad & Remy, Mark

 Me and my oh-so-special husband :)
Mark goes, "Jeff looks like he's singin' a high note." haha

 Jeff, binoculars, and a cave

It was an awesome month, and a preview of the awesome summer months to come!! My birthday ROCKED and I was sufficiently spoiled throughout the whole "Birthweek", thanks to my amazing husband. I am one lucky girl! :)